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Easy Tips for Effective Content Writing

Easy Tips for Effective Content Writing

The path towards effective content writing begins with an exciting headline that assures the reader that they have something to look forward to by reading the rest of the article. In order to carry on that interest, you need to conduct the right form...

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Killer Content Marketing Ideas

Content Marketing

Good content marketing will always give you the loyalty and trust of an audience you need. Once you have established that, more customers, more robust customer relations, increased profits and an engaged subscriber base can all be reaped from good content. Content marketing extends to the content marketing strategy, not just the actual content. Certain things need to be considered like defining the target audience, budgeting time, money and workforce for projects, distribution tactics, getting the resources to create what has to be made, like editing or design programs to name a few. Content marketing is both creating the content and then marketing the same to attain a common goal.

Repurposing Old Blogs

The most overlooked and yet easiest content marketing strategy is repurposing already existing blog posts. Repurposing essentially means taking the existing content and putting it in a different package, so to speak, hence being published elsewhere. One of the easiest ways is to take the long blog post in the form of an essay and rewrite it into a slideshow. It contains the same content as the blog post, but now it is in a brand new format. This helps especially if the blog post is doing well on its own.

Updating A Blog Post

A blog post which is already doing well can be boosted by updating it with recent data and statistics. The lifetime value of the blog post can hence be improved by updating the blog post. The update also ensures that Google recommends the blog post even more.



Riding trending hashtags can help reach your content to a much wider audience. #ThrowbackThursday, #FreebieFriday and so many other hashtags are trending every week, and you can use that to your advantage. For example, nonprofit organization WATERforLIFE managed to use the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems as a way to bring awareness to their cause, by tweeting videos of staff members and children living in an orphanage in Haiti; reacting to the complaints and rants tweeted using their hashtag. At first, it seemed like the videos were misplaced, but then people started noticing what was going on and helped accordingly.

Create a Photo Contest

Photo contests attract a lot of attention to the company or establishment, and this can be used to their advantage. The hidden advantage here is that photo contests create a pool of user-generated content that can later be used by the same company to use it on several social media platforms and websites. Starbucks used a similar strategy once before, by asking the customers to create patterns on the standard Starbucks cup, and the winner would get their pattern printed on a limited edition Starbucks cup. Starbucks eventually got 4000+ designs and a huge number of followers on their social media platforms.