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This is a brilliant post! As someone that left a job because of the way it made me feel--very much "doing work" and not "creating art"--then lost out on a job that would have been better pay and more fulfilling, I am in the midst of the kind of emotional crisis this takes.

I'm writing more, often in flashes of a few dozen words, and looking to turn passion into profession. The world is certainly changing and, Mr. Godin's probably right, 98% of people will fall into the same routine because it's what their parents did...and their parents did...and their parents did. Meanwhile, some of us will be looked at like we're crazy and having fun the whole time.

thanks for the review. I like Seth's outlook on life, I'll be buying this book tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by, Jason, Dan. Good to hear from you. Good luck, Jason.

Always great hearing Seth Godin's opinions on current trends. His books are outstanding. Thanks for the review and audio.

I'm in a deadend job, I really need to take some advice and get some small business going! =) I need to find a niche small company of some sort.

Good blog. You can only win in life through a positive mind set. Stop dwelling in the past people! You can never- ever - change it. Use the past as a weapon. Use it to smash through present obstacles. Your past hardens your moral fiber. Spin it to your advantage!!!

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