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I like the learn, take action, learn, take action model.

I think when you take action it will affect your tactics and strategies. So I wouldn't wait too long to execute. But definitely something to think about!

Thanks Patsi.

Ellen, you raise a good point! I've seen too many people learn, learn and learn and never take action. And you know this well, being in the business of teaching others to master all the different phases of Internet marketing, etc. Thanks for stopping by.

Great points that really bring home what is important before starting anything. You read so much about what the best ways are to go about marketing yourself and I think examples you have used show this immensely.
Again, in relation to Ellen's point, the learn and action ratio is exactly what needs to be practiced. You don't know where to develop if you don't try things out and learn from success and failures.

In starting an online business key priorities of customers targeted segments and market driven behaviors have to be kept in to consideration .

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