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Patsi, Thanks for the shout out. One thought on the 'registration' issue on my original post: A good compromise might be to offer your e-book as a motivator to sign up for an eNewsletter. That way, your visitor has two shots at value from both the eNewsletter and the e-book.

I still think that in many cases, you many simply want to spread the word via your ebook rather than sign up registrants. By not limiting access to the e-book, you make it more easy to build viral buzz. Kind of like YouTube videos. Of course, your e-book needs to be pretty compelling.


Newt is right. Don't put your content under lock and key. Thanks for sharing the article.

One thing that always concerns me with eBooks is that they seem very spammy. You see them all the time on eBay and on poorly-designed sites for get rich quick schemes and I think a lot of people make the same association.

Do you share a similar concern? Are genuine eBook publishers like yourself doing more to differentiate themselves from the "etrash" out there?

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