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Your onlinemarketingchallenge link is missing a .com

You are so right Patsi. It's all about planning out what you will write about. Many people randomly post information on the Internet and wonder why article writing and blogging don't work for them.

The more systemized one's approach, the better off.


Great post on the importance of content. I am a SEO expert (don't worry - I wasn't offended!) and I completely agree - many sites could solve (or help) their ranking problems if they created more content. White papers, FAQs, articles are search engine gold. Plus, readers like them, too - to the point where the additional content can help encourage conversions. Even catalog sites can benefit from being what I call "hybrid sites" - where the main goal is selling a product, but the site also as a wealth of great content other than product descriptions.

(I do have to say, however, that SEO experts *do* have their place. Sometimes, a site is too technically challenged to position well. And many times, companies have no idea how to start, implement or maintain a SEO campaign. Content can solve a lot of positioning ills - but not all of them.)

If I may recommend one keyword research tool - Keyword Discovery is the one many of my colleagues use. It is subscription-based, but worth every penny.

And, for folks who are searching for more information about how to write content for search engines, may I humbly suggest my blog - SEOcopywriting.com. :)

Thanks. Great site!

I totally agree that the content is one of the most important tools when it comes to search engine friendly websites.
But it's important to emphasize that it has to be exclusive content, otherwise Google may ban your website.

Its true dear.I agree with your points.I am expecting more from you.I will be back soon to read your upcoming post.

must used keywords on article that matched on the content you make to target your websites target page.waiting for you next post.

ann torres

Great post on the importance of content. I completely agree - many sites could solve their ranking problems if they created more content..

The original purpose for breadcrumbs was for their navigational attributes, but research shows that breadcrumbs are beneficial not only because they provide the alternate form of navigation, but also because they improve search engine rankings. Category, sub-category, and product names are normally filled with keywords. Because they are links and all-relating, we are using more keywords on the page. In addition, we are more closely linking the store’s pages together, making it easier for the search engines to index.


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