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This post will help me to write more meaty posts for my readers. I particularly like your suggestion to add history and future predictions about my niche.
I must admit, however, I did not realize that enrichen was actually a word until now. But then, I am not a true entellectual; just an enlightened, enlivened blogger, thanks to the great information from you and Denise over the past years.

You are welcome, Connie. Eny time. Actually enrichen comes up with a red underline and I am too lazy to check to see if it really is a word. It may just be enrich your readers. This is what happens when I'm in Mexico and it's hot...I just make things up and see if enybody catches me. That's a good excuse, no? Si, si, pienso que si. Enyway, you are a smarty pants and entellectual for sure, since you're the only one who catches me out. Blog on!

Ay, caramba. I've been corralled and turned in by the word police who won't let me use "enrichen." I've changed it to enrich. I could swear that enrichen sounds better to my ears, but then I've been living my whole life in foreign countries, so what do I know...

Can't get away with enything enymore, but at least it still starts with an 'e'...

Patsi ...

As always, I'm very appreciative of all the invaluable tips and tricks you have to offer.

I'm predicting there will soon be a 5th "E".
I'll guess "Energize"!

My hat goes off to you,

Melanie Kissell
MLM Coach/Mentor


I am continually amazed and delighted by the wealth of information you have provided us with.

I am new to the blogging game, and the advice you (and Denise, and Kathleen) have offered is invaluable.


Thanks so much.

John Fentress
Eugene, Oregon

Thanks, John, Melanie, glad to help.

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