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I found this to be an instructive article, as finding "my voice" is one of the struggles I have encountered in being a neophyte blogger.

I have a strong background in a number of fields, and in writing, but choosing the way or the personal manner in which to present ideas in a blog is an important consideration.

I found it interesting that as bloggers we could have/choose different writing personalities depending on the nature of the particular blog we are posting on at the time.

Enjoyed my first visit to this site.


Thanks for dropping by, Dennis. And I'm glad this information helped.

Many don't understand how important this issue is. If you don't know "who is writing" it's often hard to read them. And the "who" is based upon the person revealed through the blog, which could or could not be the real character of the person writing.

This is what goes into determining your blogging voice, so I'm glad this helped!

I found that admitting I was a newbie was essential- everyone seemed to want to help advise (and I even took some of that advice). :)

I write on MY blog under an assumed name but write on a bigger blog under my real name. I found an undiscovered niche that hadn't been developed in the blogosphere and THAT is what has guided my success. There are many local and national blog, but the blog I host is the only blog for spouses of Realtors to opine. Blogging in an oversaturated niche makes it nearly impossible to find your voice.

Great article; I'm an instant fan!!!

That's awesome, Realtor's Wife. Smart niche spotting. I wonder how long it will take for other wife blogs to appear...or how about hubby blogs?

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